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We offer excellect masterclasses to help you stand out.

Graduate Masterclass

We are pleased to offer a graduate masterclass aimed at bridging the gap between acedemics and the real world and giving you a jumpstart to your career in finance. The structure of the masterclass is:

An overview of financial industry.

"Using microeconomic data to model corporate earnings" seminar with Dr Savvas Savouri - Dr Savvas Savouri will explain his motivation behind and development of the UK Quant-Metriks system, which launched in 1996 whilst he was at Credit Lyonnas. Quant-Metriks would become the No.1 Extel raned quantitatve system to cover over a doxzen economies. Quant-Metriks continues to this day with offices in London, New York and Melbourne. With a Q&A session.

"Understanding and applying macroeconomics across finance markets" seminar with Dr Savvas Savouri - covering a range of topics including exchange rates, modern open-economies, Abenomics, the Eurozone and China, With a Q&A session.

"A critique of High Frequency Trading and Chartism" with Dr Savvas Savouri - Despite being considered “a quant” Savvas Savouri has long been a critique of technical analysis, more recently high frequency trading and especially the arrival of “financial engineers” into capital markets. He will outline his criticism and identify the ground he believes “quantitative economics” can and should occupy.

A panel of 3/4 speakers - Discussing their roles in the financial industry, for example an investment analyst, trader and fund manager.

Talks - where the panalists will give their perspectives on developments in the financial industry, for example HFT, dark pools, regulation.

CV workshop.

Interview advice.


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