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What is City Uncut?

Specialist Economics & Finance Speakers

City Uncut was founded by a group of seasoned capital market professionals. They are drawn from across what is commonly known as “The City”, a metonym for what are now established financial centres across London. These of course include the Square Mile but extend to The Docklands, Mayfair and indeed wherever investment banks and traditional or alternative asset managers operate. Each City Uncut speaker has at least 25 years of working experience in commercial finance and has led teams within it, often involving secondments overseas from Manhattan to Hong Kong and Singapore, across to Sydney.

The range of expertise covers trading and corporate finance to compliance and research, doing so across all asset classes; equities, fixed income, foreign exchange and real estate. In addition experts are drawn from cash and derivative markets, both developed and emerging.

Whether you're looking to work in the financial sector or have an interest in the subject, we can provide leading industry experts to suit your needs. Our repurable speakers will provide you with a unique insight into the world of econonomics and finance, offering both the inside knowledge and practical experience required to distinguish you from fellow peers.